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Lawn Care Services

Put our years of experience with outdoor living spaces to work for you.

Take a moment to browse our list of Emerald Rich lawn care services. We stand behind all of them and guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Fertilizer Application

Maintain your lawn’s health and beauty with our proven year-round program. Experienced technicians automatically apply the highest quality granular fertilizers to your lawn each season. Traditional or organic programs are also available.

Irrigation Services

Keep your lawn and landscaping looking lush and green all summer with an irrigation system designed especially for your yard. We offer both sprinkler and drip irrigation options. Repair services and winterization also available.

Core Aeration

Whether you call it coring, splicing or spiking, core aeration is one of the best non-chemical treatments for a healthy, beautiful lawn. Combined with proper watering and a fertilization program, you will enjoy a healthy, green lawn all summer long.

Grub Prevention

Grubs are a major cause of insect damage to lawns in our area.  Left untreated, grubs will continue to eat away at your lawn, causing considerable damage that can often lead to costly lawn replacement.

Surface Feeding Insect Control

Surface insects can do considerable damage as they feast on your lawn. Don’t let them eat away at your investment. Surface insect controls are applied to control sod webworms, chinch bugs and billbugs. There is no charge for Surface Insect Control for our customers who are currently enrolled in an Emerald Rich Lawns Fertilization Program.

Soil Amendment

We offer a Soil Amendment which is applied after your 5th Application of Fertilizer to increase the humus level in your soil.  Rich soils contain large amounts of humus which will lead to a healthier, lush and greener lawn the following spring.  There are many benefits of adding a Gypsum Humate treatment to your lawn in the fall.  The Gypsum Humate will increase the nutrient holding capacity of soil and increase the grass’ root mass and promote cell division.  It helps retain soil moisture to enable better water penetration resulting in a reduced water requirement.  Salts and pH (found in natural soil, dog urine and water) levels are buffered to promote more efficient growth and nutrient uptake.  Gypsum Humate improves fertilizer by chelating nutrients which puts them in a more absorbable form.