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Core Aeration

Let your lawn breathe free with Core Aeration by Emerald Rich. This is one of the best non-chemical treatments for a happy, healthy lawn.

The Core Aeration process removes plugs of soil from turf, relieving your yard of compaction and reducing thatch–it gives the grass plants’ roots room to grow and thrive.

aeration4Most importantly, it allows oxygen, water, and surface nutrients to penetrate the root system of your lawn, maintaining its health and appearance.

Unfamiliar with this service?

Here’s how it works: a machine called a core aerator punctures small holes in your lawn and removes plugs of sod. (You’ll see these plugs resting on your lawn–don’t worry, that’s where they’re supposed to be! They’ll break down in about two weeks.)

Soon, you’ll begin to see small, white roots growing in the holes left behind–a sign that your lawn is responding properly to the additional water and nutrients that are getting through. You’ll also notice less “ponding” in your yard after significant rainfall, and that your lawn can go longer between waterings.

For best results, aerate your Emerald Rich lawn at least once a year, though sometimes a second aeration will be needed if your lawn has a significant amount of thatch build-up.

Over time, you’ll notice improvements in your lawn’s appearance.  Golf courses utilize Core Aeration, so we should as well!