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Irrigation Services

Put the ease into irrigating you lawn!

The benefits of an irrigation system stretch further than simply making your lawn look beautiful.  Grass plants are made up of approximately 75% water.  You must keep your lawn hydrated, and for that there is nothing more efficient than an underground sprinkler system.  A system automatically places the water where it needs to be, for the correct amount of time to capture a healthy and lush lawn.

Irrigation services offered:

Custom Installation:  We will design, layout and install your custom lawn sprinkler system and/or planting beds.  We use the highest quality parts, coupled with the latest technology to make your system highly efficient and easy to operate.  We use only licensed plumbers for back flow preventer installations  and we pull all necessary permits with your city, or township.

Sprinkler System Start-Ups:  From a leaning head, to a broken line, you will receive a detailed report from a Qualified Technician for everything you need to get your system up and properly operating.  We will make simple adjustments and properly program your system for the particular time of the watering season.  Our goal is to give you the information you need to start and keep your system running as efficiently as possible!

Sprinkler System Repairs:  We pride ourselves on providing friendly, convenient scheduling for all of our customers.  We tackle all repairs from a simple head replacement, to reconfigureing existing sprinkler systems.  Whether you need a Wi-Fi based controller, or an old fashioned impact head, our technician can install it for you.

Sprinkler System Winterization:  Finally, put your irrigation system to rest for the season with the assurance that a Quality Company has performed your sprinkler blowout.  We are always here to help if there are any issues the following season.

Whether you’re looking for a new sprinkler installation, seasonal start-ups or blowouts, or simply need a repair give us a call to set up an appointment.  Remember that efficient watering is the #1 way to a beautiful lawn!