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Our customers often have great questions concerning the care and upkeep of their lawn. Here are just a few. If we didn’t answer yours here, please feel free to call or email us for more information.

What can I do about shady areas? The grass never seems to grow there.

Sod, which is Kentucky Bluegrass, does not perform well in shady areas and will thin out and die within a couple of years. It is important to over-seed sod areas under trees with a species of grass suited for areas that get less sun. Call our office for assistance in developing a program that will best suit your lawn. Emerald Rich Lawns also recommends our four-application Lawn Fertilization Program for shady lawns.

These dandelions are driving me crazy. How do I get rid of them for good?

Being on a regularly scheduled lawn fertilization program is the first step to ridding dandelions. Weed control is not a preventive; it only kills the weeds that are present on the day of your application, so it can take a couple of applications to get them under control.

How thick should mulch be applied on my flower gardens?

Two to three inches of mulch is ideal for optimum weed control. This will also ensure water retention to maintain healthy plants.

My dog has made my lawn a mess. What can I do to make it look good again?

This is a common problem and unfortunately, it will be an ongoing issue if your lawn never gets a chance to recover. Enrolling in a fertilizing program and reseeding damaged patches periodically will help reverse pet damage.

Should I rake up these leaves, or just chop them up with my lawnmower?

If you have several trees that drop lots of leaves on your lawn, Emerald Rich Lawns recommends you take the time to rake and bag them. However, mulching a small amount of leaves back into your lawn can be beneficial if the amounts are not extreme.